Monday, May 27, 2013

Lifestyle Change

Ahh, Memorial Day.  It's tradition around here to get the pool up Memorial Day weekend so that we can escape the heat for a swim with the neighbors. We have just one other tradition: walking to the Memorial Day parade in downtown Farmington and getting ice cream from Hershey's afterwards ( or as the last few parade participants walk by - we're mostly there for the ice cream.) By those standards . . . Today
has been a very disappointing Memorial Day indeed.

Yes, the pool is up, and yes, we did walk to the Memorial Day parade. However, we were devastated to find the door of Hershey's closed and locked, announcing they'd open later that afternoon, and go home ice cream-less for the first Memorial Day ever.  By the time we got back, we were not in the least bit hot despite our lack of ice cream due to the weather: about 50 and rainy. That tradition was ditched as well.

Fortunately, the day was saved by - who else? - Mom, with huge platters of pork ribs, watermelon, asparagus, and deviled eggs.

We spent the day with the neighbors, making umbrellaed escapades to the park and taking joyrides in a much too small pink plastic Cadillac.

Which brings me back to all of that food, and my point. This blog had gotten a little . . . foody, over the week, don't you think? It is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, and I suppose food could be a lifestyle for me! And while that's great for all of you who see the food and imagine the food, but on my end the tasting devouring end, lets just say its time this blog recognized the obession it's going through and had an quick detox. I think, for my sake, this area of the web needs to become a fitness blog for a bit! That's what this week will be - I'll enlist my favorite tunes, some old Girls Life magazines, P90X, and my fit friends and family for a roundup of fitness musts so both of us can benefit.

Watch out, foodies - this spot is reserved for boot camp for a bit, and it's not for the faint of heart!

Love, Bella

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