Saturday, June 1, 2013

Supersets and Summer Squash

Say that five times fast! Supersquash and summersets. . . super summer squash sets . . . Summer superset squash . . .

Ok, that's enough of a brain workout for a Saturday night.

Back to the supersets - I tried them for the first time this morning/afternoon, and it was great! After a late night with some good friends, I woke up around 11 a.m. (WAY late for me!) in the same clothes I had worn the night before . . . at least I remembered to brush my teeth. Anyway, those mornings-after always leave you feeling a little sluggish, don't they? They definitely don't leave you feeling in the mood to eat a nutritious breakfast, do your Bible Study, get ready for work, and then actually go to work - and yes, that was my agenda for the day. I definitely didn't feel like doing (dun dun duuuuuhhhh) supersets.

Luckily, that 2 days old shirt I was still wearing was very inspiring and around noon I dragged myself off the couch and got down to business.

Naughty, isn't it? It comes from a friend of mine who's a fantastic, hard core . . . badgrass cross country runner.

Anyway, the supersets I did cam straight out of the June 2011 issue of Susie, a Christian magazine for girls I used to get, but don't let that fool you -
some of the moves were pretty tough.

To do this workout you'll need:
some lighter weight dumbbells
one heavier dumbbell or medicine ball
one stability ball
a stair, step stool, or very sturdy box
a carpeted floor or mat

Do 12 reps a set, 2 or 3 sets each movement unless otherwise instructed. Rest 90 seconds or do 90 seconds of cardio (jumping jacks, jump rope, running) between each set.

Squat with Two-Way Bicep Curl
Start Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back, head up and your eyes looking forward. Hold the (lighter) dumbbells with your palms facing out. Action: Squat and perform the first bicep curl. Return to the start position and immediately turn your palms toward your body and perform another bicep curl.

Stool Step Uo with Leg Kickback
Start Position: Stand with your shoulders back, head up and eyes looking forward. Stand slightly behind a stool (or stair, or box) holding a medicine ball or one dumbbell. Action: Step onto the stool with your right foot and at the same time kick your left leg backward and raise your arms to shoulder level. After 12 reps, switch and step up with your left foot and kick back with your right leg. 

Ab Super Set
Start Position: Lie on a mat or towel with your shoulders and back on the mat and your lower body rotated to one side with knees together. Action: Crunch up and extend your hands over your hips for 20 to 40 reps. Immediately after reps, place your feet flat on floor with your knees up.  Crunch up and extend your hands to either side of your body for 20 to 40 reps.  Repeat to finish the set, with your knees to other side of your body for another 20 to 40 reps. 

Bent Over Row with Rear Deltoid
Start Position: Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing your body. Band halfway over at the waist with your neck and spine kept in line. Look at the floor and do not bend your neck up. Action: Pull your elbows up and squeeze your shoulder blades together; drop to the start position. Keeping your palms facing your body, raise your arms to the side. 

Stability Ball Chest Press with Cruch
Start Position: Hold a dumbbell in each hand and sit on a stability ball.  Roll your body onto the ball so your neck and shoulders are supported. Action: Press the dumbbells up toward the ceiling for 12 reps.  Without rest, roll up on the ball into crunch position, keeping your lower back supported. Hold the dumbbells at your chest and perform 15 to 20 crunches. 

Sweaty? Tired? Feeling as if you've kicked some serious grass? 

After I'd finished my supersets and knocked back a few hours of work at the nail salon, I got down and dirty in another way - it our brand new vegetable garden! 

I've read that one of the best ways to eat fruits and veggies is to grow them yourself, and heck, I believe it. I am so proud of the little sprouts bursting out of our little patch of farm. 

Look at this one - it looks like it's breaking open the ground as we speak. I love it!

That little guy was a super  summer squash. The seed packets we're using to label the rows on nondescript green things have taken quite a beating from the rain recently - but the seedlings don't seem to mind!

This one here, I'm told, will be a whole . . . uhh, vine? bush? tree? of cucumbers someday.

I can't say I'm getting hungry looking at these barely-not-weeds, but I AM excited for the day that I do!

Love, Bella

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