Monday, March 31, 2014

Why We Love Baseball.

For those of you who enjoy baseball, baseball players, baseball pants, or a combination of all of the above, today is an exciting day. AKA Opening Day here in the States (look at me pretending people from other countries read my blog!)  Some people don't get why it's so exciting.  Maybe its because there are only about 10 minutes of action in the average baseball game. Yep, that's right, those guys get paid zillions to stand on the field for almost 3 hours. Maybe it's because there are games every day except sometimes Monday and Thursday, so it's not as big of a deal.  I don't know. I don't get it. Maybe they just want to be hipsters or something. 

Maybe I can sway them. 

Prepare to be swayed.

We love baseball because we get to go somewhere different to see a game, AKA the lovely metropolis of Detroit. Day in the big city. Whoop whoop

We especially love St. Louis baseball because St. Louis is actually pretty and sometimes you get to participate in record breaking temperatures like 105 degrees and the ballpark is legally obliged to give you free ice made from $4.00 water, which is a steal. Haha, baseball puns.


Sometimes you get to sit behind the dugout and see your favorite players and be like 10 FEET AWAY FROM THEM! (See that little white guy to the left of me? He's my fave. Max Scherzer. )
Added bonus: Shiny face pictures.

We love baseball because ballparks have creative names.  The home of the Cardinals, for example, is named after beer.  The home of the Tigers is named after a bank. Which totally has to do with baseball, you know.

We love baseball because after the night games they have fireworks and they are really, really good. Also, all of the lovely citizens of Detroit get a free fireworks show 2 or 3 nights a week, which is neat. 


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Perks of Being Sixteen

Some people look back on being 16 and remember a really, really great time of their lives, and I'm sure some don't.  I personally think it's fantastic, and maybe that's partially because I'm able to do things like staying up for 29 consecutive hours and then bouncing back enough (by means of a three-hour nap) to write a blog post about it.   Normally, the idea of doing something like that would make me cringe. And maybe cry (another perk of being a 16-year-old girl!) Not today! And I thought maybe you'd want to live vicariously through me, because who doesn't want to spend 1.125 days awake, eating junk and watching movies? I thought so. So now you get to know what I was up to, hourly, for all 29 hours.

6:30 am, Friday | Burying my head under the pillow, as my little sister told me that "Dad says you have to get up now."

7:30 am, Friday | Cleansing my face at school instead of in the comfort of my own bathroom as a result of aforementioned burying.

8:30 am - 2:30 pm, Friday | Learning, which is the part of being sixteen that you either don't miss or aren't looking forward to, so I'll spare you.

3:30 pm, Friday | Blowing hot air because running fast does that to you.  Track practice was 10 200s, and it was good and torture-y all at the same time.

4:30 pm, Friday | Selecting a prom dress for a male friend of mine who lost at What Are the Odds to try on. We chickened out and got Slurpees instead, which was a good choice.

5:30 pm, Friday | Chewing and chewing and chewing Cubby Bears for the first time, which are basically the harder, worse tasting children of Gummi Bears from the dollar store.

6:30 pm, Friday | Awarding said Cubby Bears for prizes at a youth night hosted at my high school.  Because I'm mean.

7:30 pm, Friday | Rolling across the floor, ninja style, while playing Sardines.  I never, ever win, but that does not stop me from acting like the offspring of the FBI and Jackie Chan to hunt down whatever unfortunate person has to hide first.

8:30 pm, Friday | Blending a chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie, which is one of life's greatest pleasures, before heading to partay stop numba 2, a church lock in.

9:30 pm, Friday | Singing along to Frozen. And being way too happy about it.

10:30 pm, Friday | Catching my second wind of about five that night after almost nodding of during our devotion.

11:30 pm, Friday | Swinging, outside. At night.  It's one of those bucket list things that you just have to do and can't really be described unless you just do it. Go ahead, no one's stopping you.

12:30 am, Saturday | Laughing way too hard at Awkward Family Photos, the game. The board includes the likes of this picture and about 40 of its closest friends, and that is fantastic.

1:30 am, Saturday |

2:30 am, Saturday | Screaming because game of Sardines number 2 was just too much for my fragile nerves, and every shadow was an axe murderer who decided he wanted to join in the fun.

3:30 am, Saturday | Drafting this blog post after being assaulted by Nerf missiles and having a cold pop can rubbed on my face by high school boys with too much sugar in their system.
It'll probably come out sometime this week. Stay tuned.

4:30 am, Saturday | Honing my skills as a future 2048 record holder. For those of you who haven't played it, 2048 is a super addictive game that is available on the app store for free.  It's just as dangerous as it sounds, and I like to think I kick butt at it even though I don't, which is part of its magical addictive qualities I guess.

See that tile that says 1024? That's a big deal. 

5:30 am, Saturday | Hypocritizing, which my dad claims is the one word version of "being hypocritical." Anyway, by this point we had changed places with the boys who inspired the nun post and were making noise and scrolling through memory lane on our phones and liking it a lot.

6:30 am, Saturday | Leaving the lock in two point five hours before everyone else to be hard core and go work out for 194734 hours.

7:30 am, Saturday | Preparing mentally to head to Oak Pointe's exercise class demo day, which was 3 hours of back to back to back to back 20-minute samples of classes. We weren't sure if we'd make it. (We did.)

8:30 am, Saturday | Spinning, which is not the same as twirling in a dress but is actually really fun! I now give major props to my mom for voluntarily spinning three times a week for what seems like my entire life.

9:30 am, Saturday | Piloxing, (pilates + boxing + dancing).  Where do they even come up with this stuff? Also, sweating. 

10:30 am, Saturday | Drumming on exercise balls with drum sticks. Which is apparently a work out these days, despite the way it brought me back to the days of whacking the heck out of my mom's pots and pans as a 5 year old. I got hit in the butt by the lady next to me. It is a dangerous sport.

11:30 am, Saturday | Drooling while sleeping in the car, (not even kidding) and probably looking really attractive. Maybe something like this.