Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Dare-day : Issue 1

It's Friday. 
You probably have a completely open weekend. You definitely don't have any plans to go out, stay in, see family or friends, have fun, or (heaven forbid) work.  You have lots of time and can't dream of a single little thing to use it for. Huh. 

Lucky for you, I've come up with a few little things to keep you busy, so you don't have to spend your Friday night sitting on the couch, watching Duck Dynasty and eating. Not that that's a bad way to spend your Friday night. Or anything I've ever done. 

But dang, that man is FUNNY!

Anyway, don't worry about him, because you won't be seeing him anytime soon. (But if you really want to, you can come over and watch with me.) This Friday and most Fridays from here on out, I'll post a few dares (yep, that's what Issue 1 means!) Some you'll be able to fit into a busy schedule, some you'll have to clear your schedule for, but I promise that they'll all be worth it. No, no, this isn't peer pressure. Not unless peer pressure is me trying to help you have fun like everyone else is.

 Take a picture of each thing that makes you happy this weekend. 
Learn to take better photos here. 

Listen to an old song. (Better yet, find one you like.)

Use this pick up line. Use it in a song, a message in a bottle, a research paper, or, heck, use it to pick up someone! 
More pick up lines here. 
 Babe, your beauty                                           makes the morning sun                                              look like the dull                                               glimmer of the moon.

Surprise someone. 
Ideas here. 

Or, surprise them with these. 

Fruity Rice Krispies
You'll need: 
-3 cups Fruity Pebbles
-1 1/2 tablespoons butter
-20 marshmallows 

This recipe is not from my mom's recipe basket. But that thing is so cute! It's full of recipes from her mom and ones she cut out of magazines and newspapers what must have been a long time ago since I've never seen her do it. I like imagining her as a new wife, cutting out her little recipes and planning how she was going to make them for she and my dad. 

So, you start out with your 20 marshmallows. To be honest, I don't like marshmallows. But they can do some pretty cool stuff! Think: blowing up in the microwave and making Rice Krispies deee-lish!

This is what 20 marshmallows looks like.  

Toss them in a pan on the stove on medium heat with the melted butter. Forget to melt the butter first? I didn't tell you to melt the butter first? That's ok. Just do what I did grab the marshmallows back out, melt the butter, and meet me back here. 

Got it? Once that mess is good and melty (be careful not to let things go too far - the mixture will burn or harden), add the Fruity Pebbles. 

When your spoon comes out looking like that, butter an 8x8 pan and press the sticky, fruity delicious glob into it. It's ready in as much time as you can wait for it .

Go out there and have a great weekend! Take a dare or two and let me know how it goes! 

And, if you've got any down time, I've got Fruity Rice Krispies and 11 episodes of Duck Dynasty on my DVR. 

Love, Bella


  1. My son would love those fruity rice krispies!

  2. Yep, perfect for kids! I made these ones for my younger sister - they're not my personal favorite but they were so pretty to take pictures of!


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