Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Color Therapy

For this next post, I'm going to need some audience participation.

No, seriously. To get the best possible idea of what I experienced on Saturday, you're going to have to do a few things.  Turn on some fun music. Think, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson or Imagine Dragons's "On Top of the World."

Provided here. No excuses.

Have your friends dress up in tutus, horse costumes, rainbow leg warmers . . . you get the idea. Get someone to throw free stuff to you as you stand in a tightly packed jumble of elbows, heads, hair, more tutus, more rainbow leg warmers. You'll also need a few of these:

Obviously, The Color Run is one heck of a good time. 

The excitement starts when your fun little packet full of your official Color Run t-shirt, color packet (those bags up there), race number, and headband arrives.  You start to get excited. You even start to have delusional thoughts that you might actually enjoy running.  I'm telling you, it's a wonderful feeling. 

Oh yeah, AND two official Color Run tattoos. TWO!

On the morning of, you wake up bright and early.  You eat a breakfast more fitting for an olympic marathoner than a casual 5k run/walker and feel great about it. You protect your trusty camera with a tightly sealed plastic bag (sorry for the less-than-stellar quality!) You put on your white t-shirt and anticipate being doused with colored powder over. and over. and over. and you can't wait. 

In our case, we headed to college town Ypsilanti. We joined the white-shirted masses and shuffled our way towards the start line. 

When our wave (Wave 13) finally made it to the start line, we had the fabulous fortune to be right in the front! 

Which made us feel like champs, like real runners, like winners, for the first 30 seconds. 

After which we slowed to a brisk walk punctuated with photo ops and laughing fits, due to my knee injury.

And felt a bit less . . . champ-ish.

Celebrating the completion of each 'k' was a color zone, lined with flags and manned by volunteers stocked with barrels of what felt like colored baby powder to baptize us with.

Through all that powder, the pink zone pretty much looked like this. I must say, it's a miracle we made it out alive.

Are you still listening to music, running, being doused by baby powder, and possibly wondering when the free stuff comes in? Good work, my friend.

If you hate running, color, music, and crowds, well . . . if nothing else, do The Color Run for the after pictures.

And the after party. (Queue the free stuff!)

More color packets are spread around for one last color throw before the crowds disperse to the local restaurants, painting the town and completely destroying the effects of their workout at a mid-morning brunch.

Ever run The Color Run? Want to now? It's not too late - these guys tour all over the country until the end of the summer! Watch this video - you'll get even more pumped about it! (Remember those delusional "I love running" thoughts?)

Love, Bella

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