Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Mile In My Shoes

I walked four miles today.

Hey, I warned you that bootcamp was starting!

Yes, I did - here, remember?

The air was damp and the sky gray, so I carried an umbrella just in case. A long, pointy, hook-handled umbrella which I didn't end up needing, so I folded it up and carried it and probably looked like a paranoid teenage girl carrying an umbrella as a defense weapon or a dangerous teenage girl who participates in organized crime carrying an umbrella as a gun. In any event, I was prepared.

While walking isn't exactly strenuous, if felt great to get outside and be active. Maybe on this first day of boot camp, you're feeling a little undermotivated, in which case I feel you. I. Feel. You. That's why I documented my little adventure, so you can walk a mile or few in my shoes. I challenge you to do the same thing - I never realized how many cool things there were to step on until I did!

Where have your feet been today? Leave a comment!

Love, Bella


  1. Wow, once again, something really cool. What a great idea :) The very red mulch one and the incredibly blue steps are my favorites!

    1. Thank you! I liked the steps the best too. It's funny, I've walked by (and on) them a thousand times without ever noticing they were cool!


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