Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Acceptance Speech

I'd just like to take a moment to thank Pinterest.

Sure, Pinterest has helped me to feel productive while I'm just sitting on the couch. It's where a good friend of mine discovered the Color Run. It has brought me "Power Protein Muffins" as well as "Fried Mozzerella Sticks" and everything in between, along with all kinds of dissatisfaction in the form of food, clothing, home decor, and nail art. But today, I have something even better to thank you for, Pinterest.

Because it was Pinterest that helped me to discover this little number BEFORE I found it between the covers of Glamour magazine.

And that, as you may realize, is a pretty big deal to me.

Now you're wondering, what's the big deal? That dress, my friends, was featured in the Spring-Summer 2013 Ready-to-Wear Show in Paris on . . . October 2, 2012. Ok, so you've probably all seen it then. I suppose I'm the last to see it. As for all of the other looks I was going to include from that same Chanel show . . . well, I suppose now we can reminisce together.

I'll take one of each, please! Most of these gorgeous pieces can be found in your local Chanel boutique.(I think the closest one to me must be in New York!) If you ever do get your hands on one of these and are looking for a trade, I've got some lovely vintage converse all stars I'd be (reluctantly) willing to part with. Until then,

Love, Bella

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