Saturday, June 14, 2014


One of the best things about blogging is the ability to write about whatever my heart desires.  I can, and do, blog about what I ate, what I saw on the street, what I hit with my car.  There's no one paying me to do this, which has the side effect of me getting to sit down and ramble about whatever is taking up the majority of my brain space at the moment and also being poor.  That is so fun.  

Blogging gives me the freedom, for example, to write a post about what I am super excited about right now: midi rings! Also, it gives me a budget that challenges me to find cheap midi rings, which are way more fun than the regular expensive kind. 

I've had my eye on some some kind of midi ring since I discovered them on Pinterest during the winter and promised myself that I could buy one as soon as I started babysitting for the summer.  And guess what? I STARTED BABYSITTING IN THE SUMMER! Woohooo! 

And I kid you not, as soon as I had a spare moment after babysitting I was at the mall with the sole purpose of buying some great bling for my upper fingers.  

I started out at Francesca's, on of my favorite places to buy jewelry of all times and just the cutest place in the world.  Except someone else came and stole allllllmost all of their midi rings, except one that was a leetle bit pricey, so I left and hit up Claire's.  And BOY OH BOY there was a whole rack of midi rings right on the front counter near the cash register.  Except I couldn't buy just any ring, so I stood there for no less than 15 minutes, deliberating as the cashier tried to make things less awkward by acting busy.  Anyway, in the end I picked these guys: 

Because I liked how they looked on my hand.  You don't get to see that because I am not a hand model.

Also, there used to be four but one flew of my finger and disappeared forever.  Which was unfortunate but that's why I bought more than one and refused to pay a lot for them.

And ohhh, I am so excited! I love them, love them, love them! Go to Claire's, everyone!

What's you're favorite place to shop for jewelry? Are you into the midi ring trend?

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