Wednesday, May 21, 2014



It's time for (drumroll please ...) What I Ate Wednesday! The cool thing about this post is that I'm writing it on a Tuesday, so in basically predicting the future. I mean, I'll alter it before posting if I get something wrong, but I'll most likely be dead on and that's pretty cool. Also, I'm really nervous about this because it's a link up and as of right now I'm too technologically challenged to do link ups but ya know first time for everything so here we go!

Breakfast (AKA favorite meal of the day EVER!)
Eggs with spinach, onions, mushrooms, and turkey bacon.
I prepped 8 eggs worth of scrambled eggs yesterday so that I could eat them for breakfast all week and it was genius because they are really. Good. (I got this one right . . . plus I also had half a chocolate Pure Protein bar because HELLO morning chocolate!)

Greens and tuna salad - spinach and lettuce with tuna salad (Chicken of the Sea + Dijon mustard + dill + chopped carrots) (I didn't have any of this because I overslept and only had time to grab a banana. So I had that and the apple and the brownie.  And then starved the whole afternoon.)
Healthy brownie

Actually, the brownie will probably be gone before lunch because that's how I roll in the morning during school. A girl's gotta have some sustenance! (Yeah, that brownie was history.)

I honestly couldn't tell ya. Mom handles that (thanks ma!:) it's always super delicious and I can't
get it in my belly after sports practice fast enough.
(Oh my gosh you guys, it was pancakes with peanut butter and turkey bacon. And carrots.  Yummmmmmmmm.)

More brownie, or maybe some dried fruit.
I managed to keep today's brownie intake to one ((for now)) but the dried fruit definitely happened.)

And there you have it.  It's Wednesday, and that's what I ate today.  And I didn't take pictures of any of it mostly because I forgot and a little bit because I just wanted to eat and not mess with picture taking. Maybe next week . . . gotta have goals!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Just so you know, I really wanted to name this post "Jeffery Gives Me Wings," but I'm trying this new thing where I use only one word to title my posts to be artsy or something.  Except don't expect that to last for long because it keeps me from doing things like naming this post , "Jeffery Gives Me Wings," which is kind of stupid because I really wanted to.

On the other hand, though, "Wings" kind of works because this post is about more than one kind of wing.  So I guess that makes the title also kind of punny, which is cool.

So, I had the most thrilling twenty minutes of my life today, but in order to fully understand the level of excitement that happened, we have to go back in time.

It's the year 2012, in the spring. Two freshman girls are walking along a gravel path, kicking up dust and chatting excitedly about what they're going to run, how fast they want to run it, how much they don't want to run it.  Suddenly, a flash of light knocks them right onto their butts.  Several moments later, when they have recovered their full vision, they are able to see the source of the light: Jeffery, sophomore.  Hurdler, distance runner, and an important component of sprint relays.  Basically, a champ.  Plus he's gorgeous, even at this early stage of male development.  And the two girls stalked him, using various internet entities and just by staring at him a lot at track meets, happily ever after until two years later, at another track meet, when the ice was broken by the best wingman ever to walk the earth. 

Today was the day that the wingman flew, guys.  And guess what? THE WINGMAN WAS ME!

It was not easy.  After it was determined that 1) today would be our last chance to talk to Jeffery and 2) I needed introduce him to my friend Megan*, I spent a good three hours (not even kidding) building up my courage  assessing the situation,  trying to decide when was the best time to chat him up. So, I walked by his school's tent probably four unnecessary times and spent like an hour more in his presence than I needed to.  That's okay.  Part of my research was to get advice from anyone who would listen about how to be a wingman. I had several strategies prepared, depending on the situation.

1. "Haaaaaave you met Megan?"

2.  Drop something near (or on) him, and then he'd have to pick it up and give it to me and then that would transition smoothly into me talking up Megan, introducing the two, and their imminent marriage.

3.  "Hey, don't tell her I told you this, but my friend thinks you're attractive.  You should go talk to her!"

When the moment finally came . . . oh, gosh, was it exciting! He ran the race right before mine, so we were in the infield, near the start/finish line, at the exact same time! So obviously those crazy fate ladies in Hercules were basically knitting Megan and Jeffery's strings together, wherever they are.  I took advantage of them and walked up to him and was literally all,

"Excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?"

And surprisingly, he didn't run away! So I just kept going.  I pointed out Megan, making sure to point out her long hair and general hotness, and told him that she admired his hurdling skills (I thought that sounded less superficial than saying she thought he was pretty) and that he should talk to her because she would really like that.

AND HE DID! After her race, Jeffery, senior, walked up to his stalker of two years and GAVE HER A HUG, and I have never seen anything more beautiful.

So after that, I was on this high.  I should seriously wingman more often, because I was so extremely proud of myself and basically couldn't contain it.  And then after that, I ran my 800 race and PRd and I honestly think I owe it to Jeffery, hence the saying and would-be title, "Jeffery Gives Me Wings."


Any good wingman-ing/matchmaking stories? Tips? Anything?

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'll get right to the point.  There are two weeks of school left. Two weeks.  And I am so, so, so, so so so so so so so over it. I want summer so bad that I could cry.  In fact, I may possibly have shed a tear or two already.  I want to sleep in, to do whatever I want whenever I want all day long.  I want to lay in bed with the windows open and hear birds and sprinklers and - wait, I have to take a break to Pinterest summer things.  Ok, I'm back.  That was a bad idea, because now I might cry again. And I want to lay in a hammock and have bonfires and watch fireworks. Gosh, I can't stay away from that dang Pinterest page.  And go to concerts and eat ice cream and draw with chalk and wear a swimsuit all day. And be tan.

I'm crying.  Its not even PMS or anything,  I promise, I'm just getting really emotional about summer because its not here and I miss it so much.

Please, can summer please please please please happen tonight? I would cry some more from relief. I'm crying anyway.

I kind of apologize from that confusing glance into my consciousness. Thanks for hanging out.  Please bring me some summer.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


There are all kinds of girls out there.  Country girls, relationship girls, girls' girls, Gilmore girls, #girlswithtatts, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don't eat anything, desperate wannabes, burnouts, sexually active band geeks, and the greatest people you have ever met. I'm not sure if boys subdivide themselves into all these categories or not . . . I'm going to go with not. For women, though, there are options. Pretty much any girl can find a niche in the plethora of adjectives describing just what kind of female she is, a niche that describes and defines her.

I, for instance, happen to be a dessert girl. I. Love. Dessert.  Like, when someone asks that thought provoking question like, "What can you not imagine living without?" my answer would have to be dessert.  I have tried to give it up. I have tried so hard.  Recently, though, I've decided to stop fighting nature and accept myself for who I am: a Dessert Girl.

Unfortunately, being a Dessert Girl is both a joy and burden.  A joy for obvious reasons.  A burden for because desserts are really bad at contributing to long-term health and stuff like that.  Also, they are really manipulative and make you think that if you just eat all the desserts you will feel just as great as when you eat alllll the fruits and vegetables.  Which is a dirty lie. Most of the time.

Enter: dates.  Not dates with boys, as if! Boys have cooties. Dates as in the really sweet shrively looking fruit things that make desserts fit into the long term plan of living a quality life that lasts past the age of 55.  I Pinterested it and made some date brownies, and then ate like four of them last night.  Which left only 3. Which meant I had to whip up another dessert FAST or else I would have an identity crisis.  Thus, the cinnamon raisin cookie bar was born. Ta da.

In a food processor, process together:

4 dates (0r 80 grams)
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 egg
1/2+1/3 cup ground almonds

When that's all smooth, stir in the raisins and cook everything in a greased loaf pan at 350 for 10-12 minutes. And then have 1 or 4 and feel no guilt because they're so healthy!

Happy eating!