Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holy Crepes!

I don't think I have ever had real, live crepe. Have I tried to make crepes? Yes. Have I tried other people's recipes? Heck yes, and they were good, too! 
But those crepes were not massive, thin, crispy crepes, light and wrapped over themselves into perfect layers. The crepe bar has been raised, and there is no going back. 

In desperate need of a study break from our weekend-long chemistry project, my partner-in-crime and I headed into downtown Brighton for a late lunch at Holy Crepe! Creperie, half of Main Street Cheese Market and one of the most eclectic, comfortable eateries I've ever set foot - and teeth - in. It's owned by the friend's cousin. The back entrance promised wonderful things ahead. 

Wonderful things which were only confirmed when we reached the shop and Holy Crepe!'s extensive menu of both sweet and savory crepes. Their virtuous titles played along with the shop's name (although I admittedly felt a bit awkward ordering "righteous" from the menu.)

Because I know you were wondering, this is what righteous looks like. Not pictured: smokes salmon, lemon dill cream, capers, red onion, and lemon - bursting with flavor!

This here is "Gracious" - she's stuffed with strawberries and holy cream cheese and topped with raspberry sauce and powdered sugar. 

Both crepes were happily devoured in a matter of minutes, so there was time for a look around the shop.
These glasses are hand-painted by another family member and sold as accessories to the plethora of fine wines found throughout the store.

I wanted to take this little beauty home right away, along with the matching chairs.

Somehow I have a feeling the owner wouldn't comply, but least we got to sit at it.

The card on the table sums up Holy Crepe - everyone there really seemed to appreciate the opportunity to serve us, possible as much as we appreciated the opportunity to eat their scrumptious crepes! And after such a great meal and friendly people to serve it, how could we not have a great day?

 Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend Holy Crepe! - check out their menu here.

Crepe experiences, good and bad - leave a comment and talk about it! And if you get the chance to go to Holy Crepe!, let me know. Beforehand. And take me with you.


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