Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I don't know about you, but I've always thought swing dancing was really, really cool.

  There's this one adorable couple at school who feels it necessary to show off at every school dance by swing dancing while the rest of us just kind of shuffle around in a circle with our arms around each other.   As a long-time shuffler, I have always been extremely jealous of this couple, to the point where, when I'm dancing with someone, most of my attention is focused over their shoulder to watch them instead of doing any conversing or dancing myself.  I promise it's not as creepy as it sounds.

It's totally as creepy as it sounds.  Anyway.

According to people who know about things like this, the next elevation of jealousy is envy, or the point at which you move past just wishing you had someone else's mad dancing skills to actually planning out how to get them for yourself.  My plan involves a tall, dreamy man swing dancing into my life and (literally) sweeping me off my feet and then marrying me.  We would be so good, and look as good as that couple I'd always envied, and it would be fantastic.  And we would have a child named Jeffery.  Basically, ever since I first witnessed swing dancing, I have always really, really wanted to learn.

And guess what? (Drumroll please) I learned how to swing dance yesterday!  That's pretty much the only part that matched my fantasy, considering my teacher was one of my little brother's friends.  Someday, maybe my little brother might have hot friends.  Yesterday was not that day.  But I LEARNED HOW TO SWING DANCE and can now check it off my bucket list! Some things I learned:

1. Flip flops are not suited for swing dancing; that's why people back then wore those cute oxfords and heels and stuff! My flip flops were sliding around on my feet and seriously threatening to trip me and twist my legs around and otherwise injure me severely.

2. You can swing dance to "normal" music.  Like, not just big band/50s stuff.  Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed that, but who knew?

3.  The boy is supposed to lead.  The girl doesn't have to be good at dancing AT ALL!  (Score!) That in itself is good for me.

4.  It makes you really dizzy.  There are a lot of spinning and twirling and other circle-y activities involved, so if you're prone to motion sickness - say no.

5.  SO FUN!

So, go swing dance.  Just GO!


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