Friday, May 24, 2013


I've always loved rain. It's kind of like your favorite bottle of perfume: it's beautiful, it smells great, and everything it touches gets a little freshening up. There's nothing quite like a huge, banging, flashing thunderstorm as I'm going to sleep or a slight mist when I'm out for a run. One of my favorite touches on a good love story is when the couple gets caught in the rain storm and dance, or kiss, or run through it together.

Rain got a little bit better for me last night - it has this inexplicable power to drive people together, something to do with experiencing the same hardship I suppose. I was out for a walk with my little Shih Tzu puppy, Eddie, when the sky grew dark. I take that back - it didn't actually grow dark; it turned dark all of a sudden. About five seconds after that, the rain started. I take it back again - the torrential downpour started. A monsoon got lost on its way to India. Eddie had to doggie paddle down the street instead of walking.

We dealt with it the best that we could, darting from tree to tree. Eddie's fur was doing some crazy, spiky, crimpy thing and he was not a happy camper to say the least.  I think he was happier than me when we heard a voice from deep inside a stocked garden, inviting us to sit on a porch for a while. The voice turned out to belong to an old lady I'd never met before, M. She bustled into her house to get me a jacket to wear - "My favorite garage sale coat," she informed me. "Just make sure you get it back to me before winter." We sat on the porch and chatted about the rain and where I went to school. She told me about a time when the busy road in front of our subdivision was dirt and people road their horses around instead of cars. And you know what? It was unexpected, yes, but it was a really cool moment. I mean, so cool that I went home and made the woman cupcakes to return to her with her jacket (not that it takes much persuasion for me to do that!)

Another great thing about rain? Rainbows. And we saw a great, big vivid one as the rainstorm lightened up Wednesday night. This one stretched allll the way across the sky in a perfect arc, and the whole thing was visible. It was the kind of rainbow that makes you think the pot of gold might actually exist.

Moral of the story? When it rains, dance!

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