Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I obviously hate you and don't value my sanity

I think I must be some kind of psychopath, because recently it seems like I've been really into self torture.  It's starting to become a big issue, because its spreading to the people around me. Like you. So if you want to save yourself, don't scroll any further. Especially if you, like me, live in Michigan, where snow's been falling non-stop since Halloween and most days, the temperature is zero or, if the weather really feels like being an over achiever, lower.

I mean, I don't hate Michigan. I love that we have four seasons (ahem even if winter is wayyyyy longer than all the other ones), but most of the time I'd rather be at the beach. More specifically, the ocean beach on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, where we spent a week two summers ago. Things I miss ...

1. Being tan. Oh, how miss being tan. I know, I know, it was probably giving me skin cancer. But I spend so much time not being tan that it probably makes up for the one week out of the year that my skin spends actually exposed to actually exposed to sun!

 2. This
 3. My parents walking on the beach like supermodels. 
 4. This sunset every. night. 
 5. This beach being just 3 blocks away. 
 6. This being my back yard.
 7. The moon being pink. 
 8. The ocean. I've been to the ocean once . . . I fell in love. 

 9. Finding seashells. And constantly being happy. And warm. 

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