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It's time for (drumroll please ...) What I Ate Wednesday! The cool thing about this post is that I'm writing it on a Tuesday, so in basically predicting the future. I mean, I'll alter it before posting if I get something wrong, but I'll most likely be dead on and that's pretty cool. Also, I'm really nervous about this because it's a link up and as of right now I'm too technologically challenged to do link ups but ya know first time for everything so here we go!

Breakfast (AKA favorite meal of the day EVER!)
Eggs with spinach, onions, mushrooms, and turkey bacon.
I prepped 8 eggs worth of scrambled eggs yesterday so that I could eat them for breakfast all week and it was genius because they are really. Good. (I got this one right . . . plus I also had half a chocolate Pure Protein bar because HELLO morning chocolate!)

Greens and tuna salad - spinach and lettuce with tuna salad (Chicken of the Sea + Dijon mustard + dill + chopped carrots) (I didn't have any of this because I overslept and only had time to grab a banana. So I had that and the apple and the brownie.  And then starved the whole afternoon.)
Healthy brownie

Actually, the brownie will probably be gone before lunch because that's how I roll in the morning during school. A girl's gotta have some sustenance! (Yeah, that brownie was history.)

I honestly couldn't tell ya. Mom handles that (thanks ma!:) it's always super delicious and I can't
get it in my belly after sports practice fast enough.
(Oh my gosh you guys, it was pancakes with peanut butter and turkey bacon. And carrots.  Yummmmmmmmm.)

More brownie, or maybe some dried fruit.
I managed to keep today's brownie intake to one ((for now)) but the dried fruit definitely happened.)

And there you have it.  It's Wednesday, and that's what I ate today.  And I didn't take pictures of any of it mostly because I forgot and a little bit because I just wanted to eat and not mess with picture taking. Maybe next week . . . gotta have goals!

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