Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Time Travel: Greenfield Village

Yesterday (well, I guess that was about 4 o'clock this morning, as a matter of fact), I left you hanging, with the (I hope) tantalizing prospect of some photos from 50's style dancing at Greenfield Village. Never fear - I am back; I'm here to rescue you! That is, if you can handle just a bit more of my lamenting over my situation.

Thanks to my friend at Passion for the Past, (check out the link for even more good old tunes) I've got some music for you all, for ambience. Experience it. 

 If you read my my post about The Color Run, you know the drill. Press play and enjoy. 

Held in the main area of Greenfield Village, the dance was staged as a radio broadcast to the troops in World War II. A live band played from the grandstand and couples got in on the fun. It didn't take much to be transported from the crowded 21st century outdoor museum . . .

 . . . to dancing in the late 40's. 

The couple on the right was my very favorite to watch.  The looked like they were having so much fun the entire time. Look at the huge smiles of their faces! Don't you wish you were them? Don't you?

Each couple had learned a different dance to several speeds and varieties of music. They whirled, stepped, and waved to the crowd. I wish I was born in the fifties. I wish I was born in the fifties. 

I couldn't have danced with them to save by life, but sitting on the pavement, snapping pictures and taking it all in, was the next best thing. I don't know if the smile ever left my face. 

Favorite oldies? Share em! I'll rack up a great big list of the best and post them sometime!

Love, Bella

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