Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Cake That's Tie Dye For

What's pretty, tasty, and SCREAMS summer, all while being surprisingly healthy?

 How about this baby?

This lovely little creation was the child of
my extreme lack of sleep and Pinterest.  I don't quite know what's wrong with me, but whenever I'm tired, I want to bake. When I'm stressed, I bake. When I'm bored, expect some crazy cookie concoction to appear on the kitchen table.

Not that I think you'd mind if this little sucker showed up on yours one day.

I mean, that is a pretty looking piece of culinary art.

I recently found a bunch of really nifty healthy substitutes for your common calorie laden, heart attack inducing baking ingredients here.  I tried a few on for size in my traditional white cupcake recipe, swapping out some of the sugar for applesauce and some of the butter for Greek yogurt. The result was delicious - moist and smooth.  The baked cupcakes did retain a bit of a fruity flavor from the applesauce, which I actually enjoyed a lot!

For those of you who don't have a Pinterest or Facebook, don't eat junk, and don't regularly visit your local bakery (I applaud you all), here's the low down on tie dye cupcakes. 

They're created by using six different portions of cupcake batter dyed red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The batter is then poured in layers into each cupcake liner - it's really quite simple - and voila! A rainbow cupcake is born.

The frosting is a glaze icing swirled with color using food coloring and a toothpick.


I was only planning on sampling a tiny corner of my rainbow cupake, but before I knew it that cake was gone! I swear I didn't mean to . . . there are things in life that are just out of our control.

Even so, the wrapper is just as good lookin' after the deed is done. 

Want to know more? Comment away!

Love, Bella

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