Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I did instead ~or~ #yolo

Tomorrow morning I'm going to be really disappointed that I didn't finish my homework tonight, and I will probably walk through the doors of my highschool complaining and crying and still trying to play sick even though my mom totally saw through that one. And I'll walk up to my friends and be like,
"Guuuyyyys-uh, I am SO stressed out because I didn't do any homework and I have to do all of it in study hall and do my online class because im 2 1/2 weeks behind and I didn't even wash my hair last night OR this morning OR shave my legs so I had to wear tights and then I couldn't find my tights and MY LIFE IS SO HARD!!! "

To which they will probably respond with either,
"Ok seriously just shut up. Our life is like way harder."

"I'm sorry, your life IS so hard. You were probably SOOOO busy doing all the super important things that you do last night!"

I really hope no one chooses option number 2 because then I will feel really guilty and have to tell them that I really just babysat and then stalked this girl who used to go to our rival gradeschool's my friend's adorable relationship  on Insta and then talked about baseball and then slept and then ate onemaybetwo Fruit by the Foots in bed while blogging from my iPhone.

Can we talk about Fruit by the Foots for a second? They are the best, and I'm obsessed starting yeserday.  They come in three little strips and you can puuuuull them off and eat them a little bit at a time or you can wad them up in a giant ball and eat them all at once like right now.  And they taste like my childhood and I'm kind of missing that right now.

Anyway, (you might want to go back and read the last (ok, only) sentence of he paragraph ening in "my iPhone" to refresh yourself)I mean my life is not hard! There are starving children in Africa that I'm sure would be extremely grateful to do all my homework and eat even one foot of my Fruit by the Foots. And they would probably still fit into their pants after said fruit treat consumption and not have to wear a skirt to school and if they did they would at least shave their legs and not have to look all morning for tights MY LIFE IS NO THAT HARD!  

Ok so that last part about the children in Africa was not really funny BUT it actually wasn't a joke because those kids really exist.  And so maybe we can save our Fruit by the Foot money AND our new pants money and instead check out World Vision where you can sponsor a kid for as much money as 2 Fruit by the Foots a day costs. No, seriously.

Here, I'll show you.

SO worth it, right? Maybe if you're not a regular consumer and don't have that kind of Fruit by the Foot/ new pants budget going on, you can share with a friend and both sponser a child.  Because who wants to let that little boy go hungry? NOT YOU, that's who! Please and thank you, and goodnight because I can't actually handle any more life right now.

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