Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Should Be Studying ~or~ Homecoming

So, I'm supposed to be studying right now (as you may have guessed.) But I got soooo tired and by my logic if I get some junk out of my brain and stop staring at all those words for a little and watch some volleyball and blog, it will improve my information retention by about a million percent. (look at me being all intellectual!) So I'm blogging right now, and if you judge me or tell anyone I don't even care because - LOOK! -I'm doin it! And no one can stop me. Also, I might be getting a little hysterical because it is wayyyy past my bedtime.

Anyway, sometimes haters are my motivators.  Like yesterday, my neighbor who used to be cool when we were like 4 asked my little sister about my homecoming date (which doesn't exist right now) and she had the nerve to tell him the gosh dang truth about it, and then HE had the nerve to be a jerk and suggest that I go with my 10 cats.

Come on guys, I don't have 10 cats.


The first thing that came to mind when I heard about this little episode was:
 And then I was kind of like, haha, there! That'll show you!

(Thanks Coco, and Pinterest.)

Because you didn't see me going across the street getting all up in HIS beeswax asking if he had a homecoming date, now did you? Right!

It's weird that he even did that, right?

But then reality hit and I realized that even if I did have ten cats, they're my best option for homecoming right now soooo . . . 

I mean not that I even care cats are pretty fun and its fun to just go with only yourself and a group of girls and not have to worry yourself about boys, right? Right??? 

And get to pay for your own dinner and ticket and not have to worry about getting a corsage or matching your dress to your date's tie or anything like that. So it's way less stressful, and I mean SOUNDS LIKE FUN.

That whole realization may have contributed to a little stalking Facebook memory jogging, just to remind myself why I'm going with my cats and not just some tooly guy who posts pictures with an I'm-so-hot-I-can-hardly-stand-it face and no shirt person I don't want to go with that much. 

Highschool is the bomb. 

P.S. When I got to school I told that story to my friend and do you know what she said? She said, "Maybe he was asking because he wants to ask you to his homecoming!" and outwardly I said "No, he's just a jerk." But on the inside I was kind of hoping he does so I can say no, muahaha. And then hand him a cat. I'm so cruel. But honestly, some people just need that kind of treatment. 

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