Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Sarah's out! Yeah!"Clapping and cheering and tears 


"Don't sit there!" whispered, "That's Sarah's desk." and fallen shoulders


"He said I couldn't borrow his pen, because I chew on things." "You do chew on things, and you're a third grader, not a puppy." snickers, snicker, snickers, and the lonely


"I don't have a partner." and silence


On my heartstrings.  My Achilles heel, the part of me that hasn't been hardened by the world of hurt, wrong, and everything else, is the kid in the class who is all heel surrounded by a thousand Parises. 

Injustice.  Innocence that is beautiful and rare is destroyed and that's why it is.  It's beaten out until ordinariness is attained, because ordinariness is comfortable and we can't handle being uncomfortable, not for too long.  We're selfish, we say, I will be comfortable, you will be outcast, and we don't care.  

Jesus, friend of sinners, break my heart for what breaks yours indeed. This service day has broken my like little else has in a long time. 


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