Saturday, April 20, 2013


Sometimes it takes a good kick in the behind to get you moving in the right direction.

Sometimes it takes a good kick in the knee.

For the last few days (8, to be exact. Yes, 8.) an unfortunate collision during a soccer game imprisoned me to the red leather couch in our living room from the moment I walk in the door until I can dream up some way of escape.  My mother, the ever-faithful warden, is very clever at blocking any attempt at freedom.  Never have I had such a desire to clean up,  drink enough glasses of water, explore all the books on the shelf, or walk the dog. Never have I been more willing to do the dishes, run errands, or stand up to change the channel on the T.V.  Although our couch is extremely comfortable and still smells pleasantly leather-ish after all these years,  it's as if I've been stuck in time-out. Or jail.

Fortunately, the one freedom I'm allowed is internet connection and my laptop, where I've discovered that I seem to be in good company - I've stumbled on chefs, models, celebrities, mothers, and politicians  who seem to have done time on their own couches, resulting into the delightfully diverse world of blogs.

Which inspired me to re-start my own blog. I've been reblogged.

Since I've been limited to 3 cushions, 2 armrests, and a bag of frozen peas today, I'll share some of the gems I've uncovered that, one day after my release, will be acted on. Until then . . .

Food: Joy the Baker's Shrimp + Grits + Cocktail post has my mouth absolutely watering!

Fashion: The Londoner's polka dot-inspired cool-girl look has me itching to get up and walk a mile in her shoes!
Fitness: Fit Bottomed Girl's weekly workout routine has me motivated to get moving any way I can.

Love, Bella

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